The djembes that we sell are made in Senegal by people I have built up a relationship with over the years.

The drum shells are made from wild mango or lengee trees.  The wood is deadwood, so this doesn't affect the rapidly depleting forests of the world. They are then treated with Palm Oil which nourishes the wood and gives a nice orange sheen. Goat skins are used for Djembes, cowskin is used for the Doundoun which is the double bass drum, essential in all West African percussion to hold the beat. These are usually played two or three at a time, starting with the deep bass 'doundoun', then the middle drum 'sangba', and lastly the 'kinkine', which is the high pitched bass. In conjunction with the dounodun a bell is used to keep a constant beat.

Alot of time goes into carving the drums to make sure that the hole is carved to the right width to give the best sound. The bass of the shell should be the same height as the cup of the drum.

WE also repair drums to a professional level. See Drum repairing service

Our drums come in a range of sizes and prices. Click on a picture to visit our Drum store

 High quality professional djembes.

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